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Who is the top Golden Valley, MN Realtor with RE/MAX Results? I believe it is me.   I’m Joe Houghton, I grew up the Bryn-Mawr neighborhood in Southwest Minneapolis and in Robbinsdale, MN, the city that borders Golden Valley, MN.  When I was in middle school I spent most of my summers as a Caddy at the Golden Valley Country Club and when I was sixteen I started teaching tennis for the City of Golden Valley.  I’ve always enjoyed the City of Golden Valley, MN because of the people here.  I’ve been impressed by the City Government and how well the City officials take care of their parks and their people.  It is no surprise that many of the homes are grew up playing in are still owned by my friends’ parents and that many of the people that built their first home in Golden Valley Minnesota still live in it today.  The quality of the homes in Golden Valley and the architectural differences between them offer home buyers a wide variety of styles to choose from.  It’s unfortunate for home buyers that there aren’t more homes for sale in Golden Valley, MN. First time home buyers often comment that they want to buy a home in Golden Valley, but can never find one that they both like and can afford.  We all know that supply and demand are what drive the Twin Cities housing market and it is always changing.  As a top Golden Valley Realtor, I’ve realized the importance of properly preparing your home to sell for top dollar and to sell fast.  Preparing your home to sell means different things to different people, but the importance of properly preparing your home for the market before you list it should not be underestimated.  I’ve seen many homes in Golden Valley for sale long before they were ready to sell and have watched as they had price reduction after price reduction and eventually sold well below the market value.  When a home in Golden Valley sells for less than it should have, the whole neighborhood is affected.  This is part of why I am so passionate about helping home sellers position their homes in the best way possible in order to set themselves up for a quick sale and high profits.

Golden Valley, MN Homes for Sale

In order to help the homebuyers we are working with, find homes for sale in Golden Valley before they hit the market, we are asking homeowners that have tried to sell their home in Golden Valley in the past if they are willing to consider showing their homes to our buyers. So far we have two homes that or not currently on the market but are open to selling and we are looking for more. If you know someone who would consider selling their home in Golden Valley, MN,  let us know.  Follow this link to get a copy of our free book on selling Real Estate in the Twin Cities. A lot of our Golden Valley home sellers end up buying a home in Plymouth, MN. Here is a great resource for new construction in Plymouth, MN

Why You Should Work With a Top Realtor in Golden Valley, MN

The reason you should work with the best Golden Valley, MN Real Estate agent is not as obvious as it may seem.  One of the biggest reason you should work with the best realtor in GV is because we know the market inside and out.  We protect our home sellers in Golden Valley and our home buyers in Golden Valley.  We know the most critical things to do before you put your home on the market.  We know the most critical things to look for when buying a home in the Golden Valley Real Estate market.  If you are trying to sell you home to an investor and do not care about your profit, we recommend you talk to Twin Cities Real Estate investors.  If you want to sell your home in Golden Valley, MN and profit as much money as possible we recommend you get a copy of our free Twin Cities Real Estate Book for Home Home Sellers. If you aren’t yet sure whether you want to sell your home but are curious what your home is worth, you can get a free automatic home evaluation here.