Best Real Estate Agent to Sell My House

Who is the Best Realtor to Sell my house

Finding the best real estate agent to sell your house can be a daunting task. A lot of home sellers do not know how to choose the best agent to sell their home, so they call the number on the closest for sale sign they see. The thought is that a real estate agent that has other homes in the area must know the neighborhood and might have other buyers interested in buying a home in the area. This mistake can be avoided by doing a quick google search of the real estate agents name on the sign. By looking at all of the links that show up when you search the realtors name, you will get a good idea of how that realtor represents themselves and the homes they sell online. Because we live in the information era you can find out how many homes that agents has sold in the last year, see how other clients have reviewed their services, read the information that agents puts out on the web, and determine how well they know how to market themselves and their listings.

Top Real Estate Agents In My Area

Before the rise of the internet it was important to hire a top local real estate agent who lived in the area and worked in the area. Now, the best realtor to hire is the agent that can give your home the most internet exposure and have the personality and work ethic to follow up on the leads they are able to generate from the internet. It is well documented that over 95% of home buyers today do their initial house hunting online. They use their computers and their mobile devices to select the homes they want to see in person. Today’s home buyer is asking questions via text, email, and social media. They expect answers to their home buying questions immediately. When today’s home buyer doesn’t get an immediate response, they move on to the next house and to the next question. So, before you decide which real estate agent to hire be sure to test their response times and call answer rates. Find out what other listings they have and google the address of those listings. Does the realtor’s name and contact information show up on the marketing material or are the listings showing up under other real estate agents names.  You do not want other real estate agents fielding the calls on your home. The listing agent you hire is the one that is contracted and obligated to act in your best interest, so it only makes sense that they should be the one trying to sell your home. When a prospective buyer calls to learn more about your home, it is critical that your agent answers and is able to set up an appointment and get the buyer excited about the home. The more excited a home buyer is about the house and neighborhood, the more likely they are to move forward and make an offer.

The Best Listing Agents Know How to Market Online and How to Present Your Home in its Best Light

The average home buyer looks online at different MLS home search sites until they’ve seen over 50 homes. They decide which homes they want to look into further and often email the listings to their loved ones. The first thing they look at are the photos. Sometimes they read the property descriptions while they look at the photos and other times they skip right passed it. When a home buyer likes what they see, they tend to investigate further. It is important that they read about the homes highlights and selling features as well as about the neighborhood and the general area the home is in. Once the buyer likes the property, we want to be sure they remember it. This is where the interactive 3D virtual showing technology comes in. Once the home owner takes the virtual tour, they usually remember the home and share the tour with their loved ones. If the agent you hire knows how to use the 3D virtual showing technology, you are at a huge advantage. The number of social shares and the click through rates on homes that are advertised with the virtual showing technology is dramatically greater than those that do not. This link is an example of a current listing for sale in Golden Valley, MN that utilizes the virtual showing technology to market the home. The best real estate agents in your area, are the ones that stay up to date on the latest marketing trends and that know how to use them to get homes sold. Whenever you end up clicking on and reading good real estate sales information, take a look at who the realtor is that is putting out that content. If that agent knows how to get their content read by home sellers like you chances are they know how to get homes like yours seen and sold.